Kettlebell – Friday, July 8th, 2016

Kettlebell Reverse Turkish Get Ups

1:00 clock

– Clean & press (or push press) kettlebell into overhead lockout, then do a reverse TGU down to the floor and back to stand to finish.  Six rounds (3 per arm, alternate arms). Can progress load.


Kettlebell Skill – Bottoms Up Clean & Press

12 min

– 1 BU clean per arm

– 1 BU clean + 1 press per arm

Add 1 BU press per arm per round up to 3; repeat ladder until time cap.  Focus on stabilizing the bell and form rather than number of reps or load.


Kettlebell Conditioning – Swing, Sprint & Max Weighted Carry

13 min AMRAP

– 10 Russian 2H swings

– 50′ sprint to weights stockpile, pick up 1-2 (kettlebells, dumbbells, &/or plates)

– 50′ carry back

Repeat until time cap.  Score is total weight carried.


Post results to SugarWOD and/or comments.