Competitor – Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Friday 160722

Workout of the Day

++++ Early Session ++++

1) Weightlifting

a. Power Snatch

70% x 1 x 6 sets

*Complete each set on a 90 second clock.

b. Hang Muscle Clean

3×3 (increasing in load each set)

*Complete each set on a 90 second clock.

c. Clean Pulls

85% x 3
90% x 3 x 2 sets
80% x 3

*Complete each set on a 2 minute clock.

2) Rope Climb/HS Walk Work

For time:
21 Rope Climbs

*Every time the feet touch the floor, a HS Walk of 42 feet must be completed prior to resuming rope climbs.
*Standing next to the rope, get on the tips of your toes and reach as high on the rope as you can. Mark that point with a piece of tape. You must pass both hands below that mark without coming off the rope before going back up each time.

++++ Evening Session ++++

(at least 3 hours must pass between early and evening sessions)

1) Conditioning

Class Workout

2) Mid-line Work

Two rounds:
Back Extensions x 15 reps
Jacknifes x max reps
Weighted Plank x :30 seconds

Rest 1 minute between rounds.

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