CrossFit – Thursday, March 8th, 2018

Workout of the Day

-Gymnastics Skill-

Ten rounds of:
1a. Chest to Bar Pull x 1 rep
1b. Bar Muscle up (Attempt) x 1 rep

*Try and understand differences b/w swings needed for each movement.
*Complete 1a at 0:00, 1b at 0:30, 1a at 1:00, 1b at 1:30, etc.
*Do not complete more than 10 reps of each movement, miss or not.


Five sets for time of:
Two rounds of:
5 Calorie Row
10 Push ups
15 Air Squats

*Dead-lift weights: 225/155×10, 275/185×8, 315/210×6, 345/230×4, 365/245×2


Small Plate Rotator Cuff Work (bent over)

Arms Overhead, Out to the Side, By your Side x 10-13 each

*Slow and controlled with good posture. Pause at the ends for 2 seconds.

Post all results to Triib and/or comments

Cody pushing through 18.2