CrossFit – Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

Rest Day or Optional Programming 

-Aerobic Endurance-


Three rounds of:

Moderate Pace, 30 seconds
Moderate /Fast Pace, 30 seconds
Fast Pace, 30 seconds
Easy Pace, 30 seconds

Rest 2 minutes between full rounds.

-Floater Conditioning Test-

For max reps:
Rower Over Burpees, 2 minutes
Meter Rowing, 6 minutes
Rower Over Burpees, 2 minutes

*This is a 10 minute workout. There is no rest between movements.
*We don’t have enough rowers to conduct this workout in class so please try and get it done
sometime this week, on your own.

Testing week. Focus on the movement and make it perfect.