CrossFit – Monday, July 2nd, 2018

Workout of the Day 

Deload Week


Power Clean (%’s off 1RM)

41% x 3
50% x 3
59% x 3

*Complete sets on a 90 second clock.


Five rounds of:
Calorie Row (Stroke Rate of 24-27), 1 minute
Rest 30 seconds
25/15 pound Single Arm DB Step Overs, 1 minute
Rest 30 seconds
Single Unders, 1 minute
Rest 30 seconds
Landmine Push Presses, 1 minute (alternate arms every 5 reps)
Rest 30 seconds

*Keep pace steady but no rush. This workout is about concentration and great movement.

Post all results to Triib and/or comments

Stay consistent and keep working hard.