CrossFit – Friday, March 8th, 2019

Static Stretching in a Warm-up: Will You Die?

About twelve years ago, a burst of information started popping up with regard to negative affects of static stretching on performance of explosive athletic movement and proprioception. In short, research was showing that explosiveness and proprioception were reduced immediately following a bout of static stretching. The reaction by most of us, of course, was to avoid static stretching as part of a warm-up. Honestly this wasn’t a big change for a lot of athletes and coaches I knew of. It was already fairly common in my experience to regard static stretching as a relatively ineffective method of training preparation for other reasons, but this new information fortified that opinion.

More recently in the weightlifting world, there has been a little push back on this idea. People are seeing elite weightlifters here and there doing some static stretches in their warm-ups and suddenly confusion abounds.

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