CrossFit – Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

Real World Overhead Mobility for Weightlifting

Matt Foreman wrote a flattering article about one of my lifters, Alyssa Sulay, last week and we received quite a few requests for more information about what exactly Alyssa and I have done to improve her overhead position. I’m going to try to provide a clear outline of what we’ve done in the last nearly four years to take her from barely able to overhead squat 30kg to snatching 83kg.

Keep in mind that her overhead position is not totally fixed; in fact, it’s still by far her biggest limiter for the snatch and jerk. However, she can now snatch 83kg, jerk 105kg and power jerk 100kg at 63k bodyweight, so she has made incredible progress with it. Also keep in mind that she trains 5-9 times/week and is extremely dedicated to weightlifting; she has put in a lot of consistent effort over a long period of time to make the progress she has. Don’t expect to implement the information in this article and resolve your overhead problems in a few weeks.

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