CrossFit – Thursday, May 16th, 2019

Internal Rotation Overhead in the Snatch… Really?

OK, I’m going to wade all the way into this filthy mess. I’ve written about the overhead position, including the proper orientation of the arms, many times for many years, but it seems that because these things were not entirely dedicated to this specific topic, people still don’t know where I stand on the topic, and because I’m not Chinese or Eastern European, I’m often considered an idiot if I don’t completely agree with what they say.

First of all, we need to clear up the terminology, because I’d argue this is the source of the latest round of confusion and argument (similar to the double knee bend fiasco). As it turns out, the internal rotation position everyone is losing their minds over as some kind of foreign secret that cures all ills isn’t different from what I teach… only the description is. I’m going to explain not only what the position is, but also why I choose the terminology I do instead of internal rotation.

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