CrossFit – Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

From Home to Horn: How One Box is Supporting their Own While Deployed

Lieutenant Colonel Cecil Piazza and his wife, Sara, opened CrossFit Virtus in Gonzales, LA in 2011. They named it CrossFit Virtus, because Cecil remembered learning about virtuosity during his CrossFit L1 course, doing the common uncommonly well, and he wanted to reflect that. So they settled on the Latin word for virtue, “virtus.”

Their community thrived and they opened CrossFit Virtus Prairieville in 2014, just ten miles away from their other location. Together, they have 14 coaches and more than 200 members between the two gyms.

Cecil, now in the Army Reserves, commands the 411th Civil Affairs Battalion in Danbury, CT. He found out in November he would be deploying to Africa until March of 2020, so he rallied his coaches to cover for him while gone.

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