About CrossFit Vise

CrossFit Vise was started in January of 2013 in Council Bluffs, Iowa. After searching for the right building for what seemed like an eternity, we settled on an old Plant and Shrub Nursery that had long been out of business. It is perfectly located next to the city’s largest shopping center mall and many other local businesses. CrossFit Vise is truly a dream come true.

We conducted on ramps the whole month of January in order to have classes full of people come February 4th, the day we truly opened our doors for business. We are unlike most other gyms in that our CrossFit classes contain both constantly varied as well as periodized programming within the same session. It has served us well and we are able to both consistently expose our members to higher skill movements so that they may grasp concepts sooner and safer as well as keep them on their toes with what the next conditioning workout will look like. We also offer a variety of specialty classes catering to those members that wish to specialize in a single discipline such as Olympic weightlifting, strength training, or even endurance training.

In the fall of 2013, we were blessed with opening our second location, this one in downtown Omaha, located in what is referred to as little Italy. It is nestled behind Omaha’s famous Old Market district and the worldwide food distributor Con-Agra Foods. All Vise members are granted access to both of our locations at no extra cost.

We are a fully outfitted CrossFit gym with some of the best made equipment on the market. Our two main providers of equipment, Rogue Fitness and Triton Equipped, are American companies that provide American made items. From our pull up/squat rigs to our barbells and bumper plates, you can be proud that you are using equipment that was built by American hands in American shops. We are proud to say that.