Getting Started

Step #1 – Sign up For Your Free Trial Today!

The first step is to set up your Free Trial. This allows you the opportunity to meet some of the staff, see the gym, find out, first-hand, what we do and who we are, and of course, try a workout.

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Step #2 – Attend Our Elements On Ramp Course

Should you enjoy your free trial and decide to join our community, completing our on ramp course is the next step. Our elements on ramp course consists of introducing and carefully instructing most of all movements that will be encountered in classes. These movements are separated over a set number of one on one or group sessions, spread out over a week or two. The sessions are short in duration but are vital and pivotal to your success and the flow of classes. Their completion is mandatory prior to being allowed into regular classes. You will be carefully exposed to each movement and taught correct mechanics and range of motion needed to safely perform them as well as progressively improve your fitness. These movements are the core of our program and important in helping you achieve rapid and exciting success. They are strategically organized and range from easier to harder, simpler to more complex, and each successive movement building off the previous.

You will come to appreciate this course and the instruction that comes along with it. Each course is taught one on one or in a group setting and pricing reflects which route is chosen. Just know it’s going to be fun.

Schedule these after completing your free trial!!!!

Step #3 – Join and Start Attending Class!

Although we do not release our prices online or through any other medium, other than in person through the Free Trial or walk in, we would like to inform you a little on the memberships we offer. We have many options to fit your needs. We listed them below. The longer the commitment, the cheaper the monthly dues (all memberships, besides the lump sum option, are direct debit and require a credit/debit card on file).

Membership Options:

  • Six Month Commitment
  • Twelve Month Commitment
  • One Year Lump Sum Option (pay the entire year upfront – heavily discounted – on ramps included)
  • Six Month Lump Sum Option (pay upfront for half the year – on ramps included)
  • Punch Card Option (10 classes w/ a 3 month expiration)
  • Single Class Drop-In (Must be a current member of a CrossFit affiliate, in good standing – $15 per)
  • Personal Training
  • Specialty Class Only Membership (Endurance or Strength Classes – $69 per month)

*We offer a discount to the above memberships for current LEO, Fire, Military, PE Teachers, First Responders, and Full-Time College Students (must show proof).

**We offer couples and family discounts as well.